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Start your journey for better brain health.


Join over 22,000 members who've improved their brains.


Get personalized brain training combined with human support.

Your modern program for mental health, improved performance and wellbeing.

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Brain-sensing headband


Track your neural activity and gain deeper insight into your brain health, performance, and how to improve.

Expert guidance


Set your goals with your Neuro Coach and care team.

Regular check-ins and supervision at every step of the journey.

App to rewire your brain


Build a stronger brain by playing games that correspond to your brainwaves.

Track progress via regular brain checks. 


Choose your goals and start

Here's what a member journey looks like at Myndlift


Step 1

Check your neural activity

 You'll get deeper insight into your neural activity, your strong points, and how to improve.


Step 2

Meet your team

Your Neuro Coach and care team will build and supervise your personalized program.


Step 3

Train and gain

You're seeing progress and staying on track with full-on support.


Step 4

Lasting changes

Your training is paying off. Maintain your gains with additional programs and routines.

Meet some of our Neuro Coaches that will work with you

NCB photo (1).jpg

Clinical psychologist and neurofeedback practitioner with 35 years of experience.

Specialty includes coping with depression, anxiety, cognitive and attention issues, and the effects of major life stress, trauma, or change. I also work with individuals who are trying to “raise their game” in their personal lives as well as their careers.

Nathan Brown, PhD


Clinical psychologist and neurofeedback practitioner.

Specializing neurofeedback, brain health and wellness, and holistic and integrative functional medicine and mental health practices. 

Eileen Paniagua, PhD

Excellent Experience

"I’ve been training with Myndlift for about a month now and I’m noticing a very clear improvement in my ability to focus during the day. I’m thrilled with the results!"



"I am really enjoying my Myndlift experience. Its convenience and affordability make it a wonderful companion for anyone seeking to enhance their performance. And the customer service at Myndlift is just outstanding!"


Life Changing

"I am using the relaxation protocol. I have found my anxiety levels have reduced by a noticeable amount. I feel more patient, calm and focused in stressful situations."


Rooted in neuroscience

At the center of the comprehensive brain health program is EEG sensing. 

Myndlift uses EEG to produce brain maps, assessments, deep insights, and neurofeedback traininig.

Backed by its own peer-reviewed studies, and +30 years of foundational research.


Our program has been used in +1,000 clinics, changed lives and made headlines.


Our patients love using Myndlift, either as a standalone intervention or as a complementary treatment to other forms of therapy.


We've seen that training has led to real impact, and resulted in great outcomes.

Dr. Robert Reiner

Executive Director & Founder, Behavioral Associates

What's in the package


Extra electrode for better brain sensing


Case to put it all together

Muse headband

Supports original Muse (2016 model: MU-02), Muse 2 (model: MU-03) and Muse S versions (MS-01, MS-02). Your kit will include a Muse brain training headband unless you choose not to.

Let's get you started

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