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Getting Neurofeedback Qualification

APED (Applied Psychophysiology Education) offers  a BCIA-accredited education program for professionals wishing to add neurofeedback to their practice.

About the APED course for clinicians:
The course is completely remote and teaches the principles of recording the brain’s electrical activities through EEG, as well as other imaging techniques, that pertain to applied psychophysiological assessments and interventions. The strengths and weaknesses of evidence supporting the use of EEG biofeedback for a variety of clinical disorders are reviewed and the techniques for actually doing EEG biofeedback are detailed.

This remote course is 36 hours long and is delivered by Dr. Cynthia Kerson.


3-month Myndlift credit

Once you provide us with the certificate of completion, we will issue a credit worth 3 months of Myndlift usage to your account. 

You can apply for an optional BCIA certification following the completion of the course if you meet the following requirements:

1-  BA/BS degree in a clinical healthcare field

Including, but not limited to psychology, nursing (includes all licensed RNs), counseling, medicine, and various types of therapy (e.g., physical therapy) granted by a regionally-accredited academic institution (an Accredited Institution of Post-secondary Education as determined by the American Council on Education). 

2- Completion of this course 

Or any other BCIA-accredited didactic training course

3- 25 mentoring hours (or 10 case studies) with a BCIA-certified provider

BCIA Certification
(What's BCIA?)

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