Affordable, Therapist-Guided Home Neurofeedback


Save thousands of dollars compared to in-clinic neurofeedback

- Get at-home neurofeedback with professional remote supervision done by clinical experts.

- Improve your focus and calm with a personalized training program and an engaging mobile app that works on iOS and Android.


Grow your clinical practice with remote neurofeedback

- Offer remote training to your customers without compromising the clinical quality. 

- Adjust and create EEG training protocols, view EEG and insight data in real-time, and create reports.

Equipment includes:

- Muse headset

- Extra EEG electrode to be placed on any 10-20 location

- Conductive paste


- Neurofeedback app that includes adjustable training games and videos

- Engaging progress and brain metrics

- Professional online dashboard for clinical monitoring and protocol adjustment 

- Customizable protocols (choose targeted EEG frequencies and locations)



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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases.