Achieve Better Brain Health

Our neuro-coaches would be happy to help you achieve the results you'd like using their expertise coupled with the Myndlift app and equipment.

The Myndlift Package

Ready to make a change? Our package makes it simple for a neurofeedback practitioner in our network to evaluate your case, design a training plan for you, and supervise your training.


All you need to get started is to order the hardware and our team will take it from there — no office visits needed.

What's included?

Access to the Myndlift App

You will get access to the Myndlift mobile neurofeedback app. The app has a variety of games that help in training your brain based on what your specialized neurofeedback coach has chosen for you.

External EEG Electrode

This electrode connects directly the Muse headband and allows brain activity to be measured from any location on the brain, and will help in personalizing your neurofeedback experience.

Access to a remote neurofeedback coach

You get monthly live consultations sessions with your online neurofeedback coach, and can ask your dedicated Myndlift Care team any question and we'll help. 

Conductive Paste

The conductive paste allows the electrode to be placed anywhere on the scalp, and at the same time ensures high signal acquisition quality.

Muse EEG Headband

The Muse headband (model 1)  we provide measures your brain activity using its EEG sensors. The Myndlift app connects to the headband in order to get these measurements in real-time and provide the neurofeedback training. 

If you already have a compatible Muse (a Muse with one USB port), then we will discount $160 from the total price, and won't ship you one.

Myndlift Hard Case

You'll get a compact hard case to help you put all of the hardware pieces together in an organized way.

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Two Options of Payment

You'll get neurofeedback equipment, access to neuro-coach consultations along with supervision, and neuro-training on the Myndlift app

Monthly Plan

3 payments starting from 


Cancel anytime after the first payment

- Billed monthly for 3 months

- 1 neuro-coach session/month

- Extend service after 3 months for $145/month (optional)

* If you do not have an eligible Muse, the final price will be

$290/mo X 3

Pre-paid Plan


1 payment starting from 

- Save up to $70!

30 day money back guarantee

- Pre-paid plan for 3 months of training

- 1 neuro-coach session/month

- Extend service after 3 months for $145/month (optional)

* If you do not have an eligible Muse, the final price will be







Original price

Compatabile Muse discount:


Not eligible

To be paid:





More Questions? Call 855.414.2021

Monday - Friday 7am - 3pm EST



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