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Therapist-guided neurofeedback training, all done remotely.

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Complete Survey

Complete a short online assessment to check eligibility and help us better understand your needs. Once you pay, we'll ship you the hardware.


Get Personalized Program

Once you receive your hardware, you'll get a live consultation session with your designated expert neuro-coach to design a training plan for you.


Start Your Brain Training

After your program is set, you can start training with Myndlift, while your neuro-coach monitors your progress remotely.


Get Regular 


 Your neuro-coach will schedule live sessions with you to check on your progress and adjust training.

Our team will check in periodically to help you achieve the best results!



Brain Fit

After you have completed your supervised training program, you will have unlimited access to train using Myndlift on your own to stay in shape!

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Take care of your brain

Myndlift is for people who make it a priority to take care of their mental health. With the help of clinicians, we build better brains for better focus and relaxation.


Based on Neurofeedback

Myndlift is based on neurofeedback which relies on training your brain via your measured brain activity in real-time. 


Using a headset that can sense your brain activity, Myndlift responds to the changes in your brainwave patterns. Simply by playing games or watching videos, you use real-time visual and auditory feedback to help balance your brain.



This type of training has been studied extensively for over 50 years and has been shown to be effective in treating a range of neurological conditions

Remote Therapist Guidance

Myndlift allows your personal neurofeedback therapist to create a training program just for you, and monitor your progress along the way to help you achieve results.

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Valid until August 5th


What It Includes

Access to the Myndlift App

You will get access to the Myndlift mobile neurofeedback app. The app has a variety of games that help in training your brain based on what your specialized neurofeedback coach has chosen for you.

Muse EEG Headband

The Muse headband measures your brain activity using its EEG sensors. The Myndlift app connects to the headband in order to get these measurements in real-time and provide the neurofeedback training. 

If you already have a compatible Muse, then we will discount $160 from the total price, and won't ship you one.

Conductive Paste

The conductive paste allows the electrode to be placed anywhere on the scalp, and at the same time ensures high signal acquisition quality.

Access to a remote neurofeedback coach

You get 3 live consultations sessions with your online neurofeedback coach, and can ask your dedicated Myndlift support team any question which can be also forwarded to your coach.

External EEG Electrode

This electrode connects directly the Muse headband and allows brain activity to be measured from any location on the brain, and will help in personalizing your neurofeedback experience.

From $589


Next Step:

Complete an assessment to check your eligibility for the program


Your brain health matters. Invest in it.

Start Mobile Neurofeedback Today

You receive the neurofeedback headband, equipment, and access to an app.


While you're training, your brain will receive feedback delivered within the app through games or YouTube videos you enjoy!

You can always view your data from within the app, while your neuro-coach monitors your progress.


"Myndlift provides a powerful solution to some of the major barriers we see in neurofeedback. It allows patients to train in an affordable and convenient way that increases treatment compliance and consistency, resulting in great outcomes."

Robert Reiner, PhD, BCN, BCB – Executive Director & Founder, Licensed Psychologist, Behavioral Associates

Trusted By Hundreds of Mental Health Clinicians

Why do I need a neuro-coach? 

Your neuro-coach is an expert in the field of neurofeedback and will customize a training program based on your needs to ensure best results.

I already have a Muse device. What to do?

If your Muse device is compatible with the program, we will reduce $160 from the final price. 

You will be able to use your own Muse with Myndlift.

Note that Myndlift is not compatible with Muse 2.

Can I use Myndlift for more than one person?

Yes. We will set you up with a single account when you receive your equipment. However, if you're interested in adding more accounts, you'll be able to add them after your purchase the equipment, by consulting with your assigned neuro-coach. It will cost an additional fee per account - that includes neuro-coach supervision for two months.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes. If you're unhappy with your Myndlift training for any reason, we will issue you a refund within 30 days from when you receive your shipment. 

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