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Your all-in-one ADHD program.


Neuroscience-based to help you focus and achieve more.
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The modern ADHD program. Here's why:

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Every brain is different. Myndlift adapts to yours

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Brain training proven to improve sustained focus

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1:1 ADHD coaching for guidance, strategies and support

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Not a quick fix, but a longterm lasting change

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Works on both cognitive and behavioral improvements

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Step 1
Run an in-depth brain check.
Each brain is different. This check will help your Neuro Coach create a program that fits your needs.

Step 2
Start your custom-made brain training for better focus.

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Step 3
Get ADHD coaching for a productive life.

Measure and improve

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Your brain-sensing kit will be used to measure your brain activity and train it.

App to sharpen focus


The Myndlift app trains your focus and relaxation, and offers learning resources to manage your ADHD.

ADHD coaching


Your assigned Neuro Coach will personalize your program, help you stick to it and coach you on managing your ADHD symptoms.

Meet some of our Neuro Coaches that will work with you

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Clinical psychologist and neurofeedback practitioner with 35 years of experience.

Specialty includes coping ADHD  depression, anxiety, cognitive and attention issues, and the effects of major life stress, trauma, or change. 

Nathan Brown, PhD

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"My son and I enjoy using Myndlift. At first we used the games by now mostly use the YouTube watching function. The practitioner we were allocated Dr Silva is nice to interact with. I use Myndlift every day and my son 3 times per week. We feel it's helped with our attention & focus. We both prefer Myndlift to the ADHD stimulants (which disrupt appetite & sleep). The reduced cost for adding family members is great."


More focused and calmer throughout the day

"I need a high level of sustained focus throughout the workday for my job. Myndlift has helped both increase my focus on tasks and reduce my anxiety at the same time."


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"I’ve only been using this for a month and I have noticed significant improvements in impulse control and general cognition. It’s been pretty remarkable so far"


Rooted in neuroscience

At the center of the comprehensive ADHD program is EEG sensing. 

Myndlift uses EEG to produce brain maps, assessments, deep insights, and neurofeedback training.

Backed by its own peer-reviewed studies, and +30 years of foundational research.


Our program has been used in +1,000 clinics, changed lives and made headlines.


Our patients love using Myndlift, either as a standalone intervention or as a complementary treatment to other forms of therapy.


We've seen that training has led to real impact, and resulted in great outcomes.

Dr. Robert Reiner

Executive Director & Founder, Behavioral Associates

What's in the package


Extra electrode for better brain sensing


Case to put it all together

Muse headband

Supports original Muse (2016 model: MU-02), Muse 2 (model: MU-03) and Muse S versions (MS-01, MS-02). Your kit will include a Muse brain training headband unless you choose not to.

Let's get you started

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