Real progress happens outside the session.

Become a digital and data-driven practice.

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One more step towards a data-driven practice.

Track and assess your clients' mental and brain health.

Remotely. Seamlessly.


The majority of work done in therapy happens outside of sessions.

Support your clients at home with evidence-based, digital therapeutic resources.



The mind is inseparable from the brain.

Add Myndlift's neurofeedback to make your program holistic and accelerate progress.

*Available for professionals trained in EEG.
Not trained? Talk to Sales for options.

For your client

 Digitally practice learned strategies

 Access to self-coaching
, supervised by you

 Easy remote communication

 Monitor and visualize progress over time

 At-home neurotherapy (if applicable)

For your practice

 Appeal to the digitally-minded generation

 Save time with automated intakes and assessments

 Become data-driven with progress tracking

 Offer digital, evidence-based interventions 

Dashboard access for you

Manage your clients, set programs, recurring assessments, share progress reports, and deliver better outcomes.

App access for your clients

Your client downloads the app. Enters your unique code. And... that's it.  You're now connected 🎉 


Forget about pen and paper, here's how you do it with Myndlift

1. 40+ mobile symptom questionnaires

Select from a large library of pre-set questionnaires or create your own.

General Health Questionnaire

Patient Health Questionnaire-9

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Assessment

ADHD Rating Scale


2. Mobile cognitive tests

Get deeper insight and objective measures with cognitive tests such as CPT. 

3. EEG-based brain assessment*

Tap into your clients brain performance with remote EEG assessments.
* Optional and requires the use of Myndlift's hardware kit.


Stop worrying about giving your clients things to do in between sessions, we'll handle it for you.

Choose from a science-backed coaching toolkit or create your own digital programs:
  • Psycho-education
  • CBT worksheets and exercises
  • Journaling
  • Breathing techniques
  • Mindfulness 
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A lot happens by the time your client arrives to their next session with you. Increase chances of success with on-going feedback 

Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 2.32.03 PM.png

Allow your clients to keep you informed on progress and feel empowered with journaling and text-based feedback.


Already a neurofeedback practitioner and want to go remote?

Are you a professional interested in adding neurotherapy?

​Myndlift allows you to offer seamless home neurofeeedback. Trusted by tens of thousands of individuals, hundreds of clinicians.

Fully customizable training protocols, comprehensive clinical dashboard, and a consumer-grade app. 


*Available for professionals trained in EEG.
Not trained? Talk to Sales for options.

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