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Level up your practice with neurofeedback.

Data-driven care. Better outcomes. 


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Join +600 providers already offering digital care

Meet your suite of brain health offerings 👋


One more step towards a data-driven practice.

Track and assess your clients' mental and brain health.

Remotely. Seamlessly.


The mind is inseparable from the brain.

Add Myndlift's neurofeedback to make your program holistic and accelerate progress.


Dashboard access for you

Manage your clients, set neurofeedback protocols and recurring brain health
assessments, share progress reports, and deliver better outcomes.

App access for your clients

Your client downloads the app. Enters your unique code. And... that's it.  You're now connected 🎉


Forget about pen and paper, here's how you do it with Myndlift

1. 40+ mobile symptom questionnaires

Select from a large library of pre-set questionnaires or create your own.

General Health Questionnaire

Patient Health Questionnaire-9

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Assessment

ADHD Rating Scale


2. EEG-based brain health assessment

Get better insight into your neurofeedback training performance and progress with brain maps and EEG assessments.

3. Mobile cognitive tests

Get deeper insight and objective measures with cognitive tests such as CPT. 


Deliver better outcomes with in-clinic or home neurofeedback.

Trusted by tens of thousands of individuals, and thousands of neurofeedback clinicians.

Fully customizable neurofeedback protocols, comprehensive clinical dashboard, and a consumer-grade app. 


Discover Real-World Evidence Supporting the Efficacy of a Home Neurofeedback System

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Our kit:
Muse™ + a movable electrode

Unlocking EEG sensing from any region on the scalp.

Affordable. Easy. Powerful.

New to neurotherapy? We got your back 👐

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If you're looking for a formal certification in neurofeedback you can also complete our BCIA-certified course.


Our well trained support team is available not only for you but for your clients too!