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Tailor-made for your brain. Better focus and calm. 

Neuroscience-based, personalized brain training for a better you.

Lady wearing brain training headband to train brainwaves for neurofeedback using the Myndlift app



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Putting an electrode to do neurofeedback brain traning from home

Step 1
Understand your brain activity
Your Myndlift journey starts by mapping your brain activity. This will form the basis for customizing your program and for measuring progress.

Brain Maps

Step 2
Myndlift and chill 
Put the headset on and enjoy your favorite shows. During the session, Myndlift senses your brainwaves and provides gentle visual and auditory feedback to help your brain tune into the optimal state.
Train consistently, and you'll notice the improvements.
See how the Myndlift app works → 

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Step 3
Get 1:1 coaching and supervision for stellar results
Your dedicated Neuro Coach, who’s a neurofeedback expert, will build your brain training journey and help you commit to it.

Choose your goals to begin

"All of a sudden I could handle my workload better, my relationships were better. It increased my capacity to just live my life and handle things."


🇺🇸 United States


"I would recommend it to family and friend because they can see what the map of their brain is doing and that they've got a plan of action that they can commit to over the few months to train their brain. It's like going to the gym you're not going to see results overnight, it takes time."

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England

"I've suffered complex PTSD since childhood, my therapist recommended a book called the body keeps the score by Van Der Kolk, We had a look at some of the things that were recommendable, one of them was biofeedback. ... I've spent a lot of time meditating over the years, I've used some tools and they helped me relax, but they weren't focused specifically for what I needed. This is the first time where we've actually found something that helps with the PTSD."


🇦🇺 Australia

"I was very surprised by how much my Neuro Coach knew about me just through reading my brain measurements. I think that was fantastic he knew that I had trouble sleeping, He knew that I have trouble concentrating and stress that is following me all the time... My sleep has improved after very short time of using it and I feel more in control of where my attention is going."


🇨🇭 Switzerland

Neurofeedback training review with training kit

"I’ve only been using this for a month and I have noticed significant improvements in impulse control and general cognition. It’s been pretty remarkable so far."

🇺🇸 United States

What we do that others simply don't:

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Brain mapping
Myndlift customizes your neurofeedback plan based on brain activity assessment.

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Precision sensing
Extra sensor for improved neurofeedback accuracy and a personalized approach.

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Personalized coaching
1:1 live coaching and guidance from your dedicated Neuro Coach and Care Team.

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Clinically validated 
Trusted by over +1000 clinics.

As seen on the popular Netflix show, Quarterback

Discover how NFL quarterbacks use Myndlift in partnership with Neuropeak Pro to achieve peak performance.

Netflix Quarterback - Kirk Cousins training his brain for peak performance using neurofeedback

Meet some of our Neuro Coaches


I'm a certified neurofeedback clinician with coaching

and clinical expertise,

a Ph.D. in psychology, and

certification as a trauma specialist.

Daryl Lytle, PhD

Rooted in neuroscience

At the center of the comprehensive program is EEG sensing. 

Myndlift uses EEG to produce brain maps, assessments, deep insights, and remote neurofeedback training.

Backed by its own peer-reviewed studies, and +30 years of foundational research.

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Our program has been used in +1,000 clinics, changed lives and made headlines.

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Neurofeedback Clinician

Our patients love using Myndlift, either as a standalone intervention or as a complementary treatment to other forms of therapy.


We've seen that training has led to real impact, and resulted in great outcomes.

Dr. Robert Reiner

Executive Director & Founder, Behavioral Associates

What's in the package

Muse headband

Muse headband

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Extra electrode for better brain sensing

Paste for brain electrode
Kit  - new logo.png

Case to put it all together

Supports original Muse (2016 model: MU-02), Muse 2 (model: MU-03) and Muse S versions (MS-01, MS-02).

What's in the Myndlift app 

Fun brain training sessions

Brain mapping

Progress tracking

Let's get you started

Still have questions?

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