What equipment do I need to use Myndlift?

Myndlift requires a Muse headset, an external electrode, and conductive paste (all can be supplied directly by us). Please schedule a demo to hear about pricing and to place an order.

I already have a Muse, how do I start using Myndlift?

Contact us to order an external electrode and get more information about pricing.

Does Myndlift work with Apple (iOS) and Android devices?

Yes. Read more about the supported/unsupported smartphones and tablets here.

Does Myndlift only train on frontal locations?

No, Myndlift uses an additional gold-cup electrode together with the Muse headset which allows you to train any 10-20 location.

Can I choose the training and reference channels?

Yes, Myndlift allows you to specify which electrodes you want to use as training and reference channels. You can choose between 5 dry electrodes on the Muse headset (FPZ/FP1/FP2/TP9/TP10) and one or two external electrodes which can be placed on any 10-20 location and are connected with conductive paste.

Can I create my own protocols?

Yes. Myndlift has a very simple, user friendly interface which allows you to inhibit and/or reward any frequency. You can even input your own custom frequencies at the touch of a button.

What kind of feedback does the user see?

The user can choose between six games with both auditory and visual feedback, or two types of feedback based on YouTube videos: one with visual feedback, and one with auditory feedback, good for protocols done with eyes closed.

Can I control the duration and structure of each session?

Yes, you can set the length of each session, as well as the frequency of breaks. You can also cancel sessions at any time, leaving all the control over the training in your hands.

Can my clients train using videos?

Yes, Myndlift includes two YouTube-based training options, where your clients can train using YouTube videos with either auditory or visual feedback. You choose which YouTube videos you want to show your clients using a user-friendly web interface.

What information do I receive about my client’s progress?

After each session, you can review your client’s progress using the web dashboard. You can see when they did each session, which protocol they used, the percentage of noise, a Fast Fourier Transform analysis, and the average amplitude and threshold for each frequency in the training band over the course of the session.

​You also have the option to access home sessions remotely in real time, receiving information on the signal, view the raw EEG, and even change the thresholds.

How do I get started with Myndlift?

Contact us for pricing and more information.


Can I operate the system by myself?

Setting up the system is fairly easy and intuitive, however, operating a training session requires a certified clinician.  

How long should I train at home?

Training sessions duration is up to the clinician to determine. An average training session lasts 20-30 minutes. Most treatment plans recommend 30-40 sessions.

Are there side effects?

Neurofeedback does not involve any chemicals entering the body. In very rare cases there are slight side effects, primarily fatigue, similar to the feeling some people get following strenuous mental efforts.

How can the clinician keep track of my progress?

All Myndlift providers have access to a dashboard that allows them to set up training sessions, monitor sessions in real time, keep track of users' progress and many more features. 

Should I apply gel or paste to the headset?

Myndlift neurofeedback sessions can be done using only dry electrodes (Muse headband), or using external electrodes that are applied with conductive paste, or both. 

Please consult with your clinical provider to determine what is the best training plan for you.