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Myndlift for peak sports performance.

Join Kirk Cousins and others who use Myndlift for a sharper mind.

Kirk Cousins from Quarterback
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Step 1
Measure your brain activity with the Myndlift Kit
Get insight into your brain with brain-sensing technology.
he Myndlift Kit includes a Muse headband and Myndlift accessories.

Step 2
Train your brain with a tailor-made program 
 Kick-start your brain training with neurofeedback sessions that aim to sharpen your focus and improve calm.

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As seen on Quarterback (Netflix)

1 - Kirk Cousins puts conductive paste on the electrode and connects it to the headband.

2- His brain activity is measured and analyzed in real time as he does his neurofeedback training.

3- As Cousins watches a Youtube video, the screen dims or brightness based on his focus.

4- Over time, this helps his brain self-regulate and improve his focus levels.


Neurofeedback protocols
for peak performance

Football Player

Alpha training

This protocol aims to improve the ability to remain calm and focused when making important decisions. This allows athletes to react quickly and efficiently while also decreasing response time.

Uptraining alpha (8-12Hz), downtraining theta (3-7Hz) and hi-beta (18-25Hz) brainwave activity

Baseball Girl

SMR (Sensorimotor Rhythm) Training
This protocol helps improve focus, attention, motoric precision, balance, and relaxation.
Uptraining SMR (12-15Hz), downtraining theta (3-7Hz) and hi-beta (18-25Hz) brainwaves

How does neurofeedback work for peak performance?

Twenty-three controlled studies (Gruzelier, 2014) have shown neurofeedback-related gains in sustained attention, orienting and executive attention, the P300b event-related potential, memory, spatial rotation, reaction time, and complex psychomotor skills, implicit procedural memory, recognition memory, perceptual binding, intelligence, mood, and well-being.

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