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Neurofeedback Therapy for Peak Performance

Updated: Apr 7

✎ Written by: Dubravka Rebic

Imagine being better than Iron Man. Staying sharp and focused at work, being there for your family and friends, excelling at your hobbies, keeping up with new habits, staying positive, and being more focused and present in anything you do.

Doing these things, or performing at your peak, is referred to as "being in the zone" – a common phrase meaning you are actively engaged, challenged, and fully dedicated to the things you're doing. You might have even heard professional athletes talk about this. When they talk about “being in the zone”, they describe it as if time slows down as they are making that jump shot or throwing the perfect pass.

The zone is your ideal sweet spot where you become your most productive, creative, and powerful self. So, how do you get there (and become better than Iron Man in the process, of course)?

You train your brain to access “the zone” when you need it to. With a brain training technology called neurofeedback, you can train your brain to regulate your brainwaves so that you can achieve that desired brainwave state. But what exactly does this mean? Let's break it down.

Neurofeedback Explained

Neurofeedback doesn’t merely offer insight into how your brain operates, it also lets you know where there’s room for improvement. This is possible thanks to EEG, a technology that measures your brainwave activity and provides feedback in real time by placing electrodes (small metal discs) on the scalp.

This real-time feedback is provided using visual (games/videos) and/or auditory (sound effects/music) cues on a screen. These cues let you know when you’re “in the zone” and when you’re not – on the spot. For example, let’s say that your real-time brain activity measurements show that your focus is low. Perhaps your player slows down or the volume of the music decreases to let you know that your brain is not in its “optimal state.” On the other hand, when the optimal state is achieved, your brain is rewarded by your player moving faster or the volume going back up.

When practicing neurofeedback with the Myndlift app, you earn points every time your brain is “in the zone”. Eventually, your brain learns to regulate itself and reach its optimal state without that immediate reward.

As a result, you may experience improvement in your intelligence, spatial/motor skills, mood, and overall well-being, as well as enhancement in different types of memory and attention.

That's why professional or competitive athletes, executives, musicians, and students are some of the individuals who seek this type of training. In fact, this technology is often part of the training program for Olympians and professional athletes in the NFL and NBA. It helps athletes learn how to get their brains into a state of improved attention, focus, discipline, and aim.

But it’s not only athletes that can perform at the top of their game thank