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Why Are Clinics Worldwide Using Myndlift?

Neurofedbck Profit

They Increase Revenue

Instead of putting in the time for each dollar made as an appointment in the clinic,  our clinics let the Myndlift app train their users and make that extra revenue, all while having total control.

Brain Training

They Help More Clients

A lot of clients would benefit from neurofeedback, but just cannot afford paying for 30-40 in-clinic sessions, or just can't sustain the required travel. 

Offering a remote training is a great solution!


They Get Innovative

Our clinics are differentiated from other clinics by offering the most innovative neurofeedback technology out there!

What Are They Saying?


Seth Conger, BCN
Director, Carolina HealthSpan Institute

Myndlift is the technology solution the neurofeedback world has been waiting for. 

Neurofeedback Therapist

Robert Reiner, PhD, BCN, BCB

Director, Behavioral Associates, NY, USA

Myndlift provides a powerful solution to some of the major barriers we see in neurofeedback. It allows patients to train in an affordable and convenient way that increases treatment compliance and consistency, resulting in great outcomes.


Philipp Heiler, MD

CEO, Brainboost, Germany

Currently, after less than a year of using Myndlift, we have 35 headsets being used by around 50 users, and we have more home neurofeedback sessions per week (about 100) than in-clinic sessions (about 70).

Neurofeedback Therapist

Patricia Leigh, PhD

Director, Leigh Brain & Spine


Myndlift allows our clinic to extend its reach to new levels. Not only can we help more people than ever, patients report feeling and performing better in less time. That is the benefit of remote neurofeedback. Convenience and affordability result in clinical gains for patients, and a thriving business for us.

Want to find out how your clinic could benefit from Myndlift?

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