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From Golf's Fringes to Top 10: How Neuropeak Pro & Myndlift Helped Jordan Spieth Transform His Game

✎ Written by: Dubravka Rebic 

Professional golfer Jordan Spieth was at the top of his game when he suddenly fell into a multi-year slump, surprising golf fans everywhere. 

During this rough career patch, he reached out to Neuropeak Pro and started a performance optimization program that included doing neurofeedback with Myndlift, a personalized brain training platform. 

After a few months, his performance dramatically improved, going from almost falling out of the top 100 to re-entering the top 10. 

But how did this happen exactly, and how can clinics help not only athletes but everyone who wants to improve their attention, focus, discipline, and aim?

We talked with Nick Bolhuis, the VP of Performance Programs at Neuropeak Pro, a Michigen-based clinic that helps individuals achieve peak performance using neurofeedback, heart rate variability training, coaching, and breathing techniques.

Here's what Bolhuis shared with us: 

How Neuropeak Pro entered the performance optimization field

Nick Bolhuis has been at Neropeak Pro for almost 19 years. Initially, they were a small psychology practice primarily working with kids who struggle with ADHD, anxiety, and academic issues. 

However, over time, Neuropeak Pro has transitioned from a strictly clinical population, where people came in with diagnoses, to focusing on performance enhancement.

We realized that you don't need a diagnosis to look for ways to improve focus, sleep, and stress management,” Bolhuis explains.  

But due to individual differences in brain activity and the large diversity of skills required in different aspects of life, neurofeedback for performance enhancement is not a "one size fits all" approach. 

In fact, these neurofeedback programs require careful personalization, as well as tuning in with the unique needs of athletes. And that’s where Myndlift comes in. 

How Neuropeak Pro tailors its programs for athletes

“Flexibility in protocol customization is crucial, as every brain is unique.

In order to customize training plans, Neuropeak Pro was looking for a neurofeedback platform that allows them to tailor training plans based on individual brain profiles, but they also wanted to acquire reliable data. 

"In our facilities, we've always used high-end clinical-grade equipment to ensure we're gathering the best data. That's why we chose Myndlift as a partner."

Apart from the customization, Myndlift helped Neuropeak Pro to enable athletes and people who frequently travel to do neurofeedback on the go

Back in the day, we would provide them with a briefcase of equipment to train on the road, which included computers, cords, wires, and sensors. This was cumbersome as they were already traveling with a lot of gear. Although training was beneficial, we sought to improve the user experience by minimizing additional hardware, leveraging the fact that everyone carries a phone”.

Traditional neurofeedback

Nowadays, athletes can continue their training anywhere with minimal additional equipment:

It's quite surreal to see athletes doing brain training while watching their highlights on YouTube and getting feedback”, notes Bolhuis.

The starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, Kirk Cousins doing remote neurofeedback with Myndlift and Neuropeak Pro in his car. Source: Netflix, Quarterback.

What are the key benefits of partnering up with Myndlift

"If you're going to ask somebody to commit to any training program, you have to have as few barriers to entry as possible." 

Apart from minimizing additional hardware, offering flexibility in protocol customization, and accurate data collection, Myndlift helped Neuropeak Pro keep its clients engaged in training. 

According to Bolhuis, Myndlift has made significant strides in making its interface user-friendly, reducing barriers to regular training sessions. 

Furthermore, using EEG and neurofeedback with Myndlift provides both subjective and objective measures of success:

Athletes can feel the improvements and see them quantified in their brain activity data. This reinforces that their efforts are effective and not just a placebo effect," says Bolhuis. 

Here, you can see alpha high frontal regions before and after Myndlift neurofeedback training.

How do you successfully enter the performance optimization field?

Entering the performance optimization field requires a blend of advanced technology, personalized approaches, and strong client relationships.

First and foremost, investing in cutting-edge tools like neurofeedback and heart rate variability training can significantly help. These technologies provide measurable data that can guide and enhance training programs. 

Additionally, staying updated with the latest research and innovations in the field ensures that the services offered remain effective and relevant.

"Always have a mindset of wanting to learn. Never rest on your laurels, thinking: 'Hey, this is the way I've always done things; this is the way I'm always going to do it.' And being adaptable in a variety of ways. Again, we adapted to the Myndlift platform, which is different from things we have done in the past”.

According to Bolhuis, what’s also crucial is the human element when you're training somebody —an element of connection and understanding that we all long for:

The technology is great, you want to lean into it. That's going to do the heavy lifting, but being able to understand who are you working with is crucial because if they trust you as their provider they're going to trust what you suggest to them. And if you don't have that relationship and that trust, they're not necessarily going to follow through.”.

For nearly two decades, Neuropeak Pro has helped countless athletes, executives, and high-achievers reach peak performance. They’ve seen their favorite athletes climb to the top and have transformed many lives for the better. 

And there’s no secret to how they became leaders in their field: 

Their achievement comes from their constant desire to learn, adaptability to new technologies, and commitment to building genuine client connections—a proven recipe for success.

Myndlift offers data-driven care and better client outcomes through neurofeedback. Schedule a demo today and join 1000+ providers already seeing the difference! 


About the author:

Dubravka Rebic puts a lot of time and energy into researching and writing in order to help create awareness and positive change in the mental health space. From poring over scientific studies to reading entire books in order to write a single content piece, she puts in the hard work to ensure her content is of the highest quality and provides maximum value.


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