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Improve your brain health with Myndlift 

The only app that makes mental health care fun


Get a snapshot of your brain activity

Access 1:1 coaching and accountability

Train while gaming and streaming shows

Track progress
and measure


Get a snapshot of your brain activity

By using special equipment and the Myndlift App, you can generate a unique map of your brainwave activity.

This map shows how your brainwaves operate, letting you know where there's room for improvement.


Access 1:1 coaching and accountability 

Connect with a Neuro Coach who will provide guidance and design a custom neurofeedback training plan based on your unique brain activity and goals. 

Train while gaming and streaming shows 

Once your training program is set, you'll do neurofeedback with special equipment while playing games and streaming shows on your device.

See how it works →


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Neurofeedback Clinician

Clinical psychologist and neurofeedback practitioner with 35 years of experience.

Specialty includes coping ADHD  depression, anxiety, cognitive and attention issues, and the effects of major life stress, trauma, or change. 

Nathan Brown, PhD


Track progress 

Learn how you perform across key areas of your training, track results over time, and see how you compare to other Myndlift users. 

Measure the impact 

Get a map of your brain activity after consistent training and measure results.


According to research, many people begin to feel the benefits in 3-4 weeks and continue to do so after the sessions have stopped. 

Learn about the science behind neurofeedback →


What are Myndlift users saying about their neurofeedback experience?

Learn with the educational tools, meditations, CBT-based exercises in the app. 

Nikos K.

myndlift has helped me in feeling more focused relaxed think better!! i would definetly encourage everyone to try it i want to get one for my kids also

Garcia B.

this app is taking my muse meditation practice to the next level!

Christina T.

What a game changer. I've been working on my wellness practice for years. Yoga, meditation, breathwork and even diet can all be exponentially enhanced when we learn to adapt and improve our minds output energy frequency & response to internal thought and external information.


Personalized support from Neuro Coaches

and our Care team

Your Neuro Coach regularly checks your progress, analyzes new brain maps, and adjusts your training plan for the best results. 

Picture monthly calls where you receive expert guidance, support, and adjustments to your protocol, ensuring you make the most out of your training.

And if you have product questions, tech issues, or you want to chat about your experience, our Care team is available via chat or a call.


Streamlined at-home neurofeedback

Get targeted brain training programs

Your provider or assigned Neuro Coach will set up a tailor-made program for you.

For example, if you struggle with focus, you would train theta brainwaves in high frontal regions.


Choose your favorite training method

Train your brain while watching videos and streaming shows on your device. 

Each time your brain is in the desired brainwave state, the screen will brighten up, or a character in your game will progress. These cues on the screen are like rewards for your brain, pushing it to the optimal state.


Track your results

Learn which game is best for you to play or what the optimal time is to train, get updates about meaningful brainwave, zone, or difficulty changes, and see how your results compare to other Myndlift users. ​


Get human

Get onboarding support and troubleshooting guidance from our care team. To make the most out of your training, jump on a call with your Neuro Coach or a provider. 


Works with Muse EEG devices


Muse 1 (2016)


Muse 2


Muse S

There are 700+ peer-reviewed studies using neurofeedback in the scientific literature, with demonstrated efficacy in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addiction and more.


Clinical caliber system

Myndlift is a clinical caliber system, built and implemented in clinical practice with the help of thousands of mental health and neurofeedback practitioners worldwide.

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The Myndlift App

Have a Muse headband? Try Myndlift for free.

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