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How It Works


Connect with a Provider

Get matched with a Myndlift Provider, either by finding one in your area or by enrolling in our Total Remote program.

Your Myndlift Provider is a trained neurofeedback clinician who will help you achieve the best results.


Start Your Brain Training

Once you have your training program set, you can start doing your game-based sessions from home, while your Myndlift Provider follows your progress remotely.


Get Regular Checkups

Your Myndlift Provider will set regular checkups to see how well you're doing and monitor your progress and adjust the program when needed. This is important to make sure we help you achieve the best results!

$749 one-time fee


Find a Local Provider

If you're in the US/Canada, type the two-letter abbreviation of your state/province.
Otherwise, just type in your country name.

Don't see a provider near you? Not a problem.

That’s why we offer professional at-home training. Your kit will arrive in the mail and you will be matched with a professional neuro-coach to start training using the Myndlift app

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases.