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Supporting your employees starts with their brain health


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Simple steps:

Simple steps:

1. Answer a few simple questions

We’ll learn about the participant’s needs through a clinically-validated self assessment

2. Get a personalized plan

The plan can be a combination of self-care programs, coaching and therapy.

3. Connect to care when needed

We’ll provide easy access to therapists and coaches as needed.

4. Get neurofeedback EXTRA ADD-ON

Participants can get access to neurofeedback to train their brain and accelerate outcomes.


Self-guided coaching

Built in collaboration with leading universities. 

Programs to manage stress and anxiety, improve focus, build better habits, and improve the quality of life.

Based on CBT therapy, combined with journaling and mindfulness exercises.


  • Behavioral parent training for child ADHD and ODD

  • Managing adult ADHD 

  • CBT for anxiety, and stress

* only available via employers or health plans



Your progress is shared with your coach/therapist.
This will help in calibrating along the way and troubleshooting whatever isn’t working.

Our therapists/coaches specialize in
Anxiety, ADHD, and more.

* therapy is only available via employers or health plans

Extra add-on

Access to neurofeedback when needed

Hundreds of studies have shown the efficacy of neurofeedback in improving focus, relaxation, and general health. 


We made it accessible. 


Shipped directly to your employees should they need it.




Of members experience an improvement in their mental health within 10 weeks.


Of members with anxiety symptoms experience reliable clinical improvements with minimal therapist touch points within 10 weeks.


Of members with adult ADHD symptoms experience reliable clinical improvements with minimal therapist touch points within 10 weeks.

Observed outcomes for Myndlift user populations that engaged in at least 20 sessions of training .

*Total sample size n = 308 **n=77 *** n=148

What are users saying

Best way to train your

"It's such a cool way to train your brain and get feedback. This is for anyone that wants to perform better and think better."


Myndlift is going well!

"My overall experience with Myndlift has been wonderful so far. I feel much calmer since I have been using it. It is helping to cure my OCD habits. Also, I feel so calm after dinner that it is helping me not to overeat. Thank you so much!"


Great experience!

"Doing it at home instead of a doctor's office meant my son could do it far more often and make more progress faster, and it saved thousands of dollars. And our provider is there to help us when we need it."


Support your team's mental wellbeing

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