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Myndlift: Your New Mental Health Progress-Tracking Tool

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

As part of our efforts to provide clinicians with the best possible solution to improve their clients’ mental health, we’ve added new functionality to Myndlift which enables the platform to be used as a mental health companion app.

This update opens the platform up to clients who are not doing neurofeedback training and allows them to experience some of the same functionality as those who are. Leveraging our assessment, reporting, and tracking capabilities, clinicians can manage their clients’ progress, track their data, and create reports to share with all their clients directly from their Myndlift dashboard.

How it works

When neurofeedback clients use the Myndlift app for the first time, they’re invited to complete their assessment and do a training session, as set up by their clinician. We’ve opened up that functionality to everyone - so that clinicians can provide tracking and reporting even for those who aren’t doing neurofeedback training. This means that any clients will be able to do assessments and see progress reports.

Why use the Myndlift Assessment

The Myndlift assessment enables clinicians to assess their clients using three key tools:

  1. Questionnaires

  2. EEG tracking

  3. Continuous Performance Tasks (CPT)

This provides an objective behavioral and neuro metric overview, enabling the clinician to optimize their training and treatment. Whether utilizing neurotherapy or not, this holds true - getting a clear and standardized picture of the client’s current status is the best way to start building a training program and to track their progress over time.

By opening this tool up for non-neurofeedback users, we’re enabling clinicians to leverage a key tool that Myndlift offers for use with all of their clients.

Why we’re excited

This gives clinicians an amazing head-start when it comes to providing therapy to their clients. By using a centralized platform to carry out assessments, all data is standardized and easily accessible. The ability that Myndlift provides to create easy-to-use and clear reports is a great way to communicate success with clients, and show them what still needs to be worked on. When clients see that progress, it becomes clear to them that their therapy is paying off - and that understanding and appreciation of the process is what we really find inspirational.

In the future, we'll be adding more features including mental health-related content that clients can use to educate themselves between sessions with you so that clinicians can do what they do best - treat them.


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