What education do the practitioners that work with the remote home training have?

All of the Myndlift neuro-coaches are licensed mental health practitioners and have years of experience in providing in-clinic and remote neurofeedback therapy.

Does the practitioner that I would work with change the difficulty levels as I develop my skills over time?

Your neuro-coach will set up a training program for you based on the symptoms and goals you reported during the intake questionnaire and live assessment session. Your neuro-coach will review your progress periodically two weeks and adjust your training accordingly.

Can I, after the end of the neuro-coach supervision period, change the thresholds/settings/difficulty levels by myself?

After the supervised training, you can use your Myndlift equipment and app to train for as long as you like. The equipment is designed in such a way that the difficulty will adjust according to your brain activity. If you feel you would benefit from an adjustment to your training program, you can schedule a consultation with your neuro-coach at an additional fee.

Can I use the headband that I buy from you for the Muse app as well?


How long and how many practice sessions are included in the package (I mean, for how many minutes and how many times per week can I practice)?

The Myndlift Remote program includes unlimited home sessions. The duration and frequency of your training (how many minutes per session and how many sessions per week) will vary from person to person, depending on your needs.

After your initial assessment, your neuro-coach will instruct you how many sessions you should do per week and how long each session will be.



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