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Offer better care.
Add brain sensing and training to your practice.

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Meet your brain health platform 👋

Assess neural health

One more step towards a data-driven care.

Track and monitor your clients' mental and brain health using EEG, symptom tracking and cognitive tests.


Offer personalized intervention

The mind is inseparable from the brain.

Leverage neurofeedback to offer tailor-made and holistic interventions.



Seamless meurofeedback

Fully customizable, in-clinic or at-home.

Help your clients improve focus, calm and sleep with customizable protocols.
Choose what brainwaves to target and design tailor-made training programs.
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Putting an electrode to do neurofeedback brain traning from home

EEG-based brain health assessment
Get better insight into your client's brain health and performance with brain maps and EEG assessments.

Brain Maps

Mobile cognitive tests
Measure attention, impulsivity and inhibition using mobile cognitive tests such as Continuous Performance Task.


40+ mobile symptom questionnaires 
Select from a large library of pre-set questionnaires (PHQ-9, GAD-7, ADHD Scale, etc..) or create your own.

The kit:
Muse™ + a movable electrode

Unlocking EEG sensing from any region on the scalp.

Affordable. Easy. Powerful.

The app:

Elevated experience for your clients
"The great thing about using the EEG and using Myndlift and Neurofeedback: One, there's always going to be a subjective component when you're talking about success. Hey, Do you feel better? Do you feel more focused, less stressed? Are you performing better? But then being able to back it up with the data and say hey look at how your brain is firing different from before. It's not a placebo effect, the work that you've been putting in, we can quantify those changes, that's incredibly rewarding. You're not just thinking you're doing better there are true things that are changing in your brain."
Nick Bolhuis, VP at Neuropeak Pro
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