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Brain activity

The electrical signals in the brain can indicate the current mental state. 
We use EEG to measure that in real time.

Brainwave breakdown

Myndlift breaks down the raw brain activity into separate brainwaves, which can be associated with a specific mental state. 

For example: alpha usually signifies a relaxed state.

Personalised protocol

Myndlift offers unlimited training protocols.

After running an assessment, your neurofeedback expert will be able to create one to match your current baseline and goals.

For example: up-training alpha and down-training high beta.

Mental training

Train by playing games or watching videos that are influenced by your measured brain activity in real time. 

A reward is presented whenever you’re in the right state. This is called classic conditioning.


Over time, and with consistent training, your brain activity will be retrained which can affect real-life challenges such as focus, stress and more.

How is the training done?

Before Myndlift

The only way to train using neurofeedback was in specialized clinics that required multiple visits due to the complexity of EEG.

After Myndlift

We work with the Muse EEG headset to offer this training anywhere, anytime, with remote professional supervision.

Established research

Over 400+ peer-reviewed studies have been published on the use of clinical neurofeedback and have shown its efficacy with ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, addiction and more.

Trusted by clinics

Myndlift has been used and built with help of hundreds of mental health and neurofeedback clinics worldwide.

Getting to know you

Myndlift’s assessment helps in understanding your unique brain activity better.

Remote care

Your professional neurofeedback expert will personalize and supervise your training plan for best results.

Unlimited training

You can choose your favorite training routine - games or videos.

Explore Myndlift’s remote care capabilities and how to get started.

For clinics

Enroll in our Total Remote program or find a nearby Myndlift provider.

For individuals

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases.