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How It Works



Get Matched

Get matched with a Myndlift Provider, either by finding one in your area or by enrolling in our Total Remote program.

Your Myndlift Provider is a trained neurofeedback clinician who will help you achieve the best brain training results.

Brain Training


Start Your Brain Training

Once you have your training program set, you can start doing your game-based neurofeedback sessions from home, while your Myndlift Provider follows your progress remotely.



Get Regular Checkups

Your Myndlift Provider will set regular checkups to see how well you're doing and monitor your progress and adjust the program when needed. This is important to make sure we help you achieve the best results!

Train for a Better Brain

Multiple Myndlift users report monthly about changes in their behaviour and lifestyle.

I have been working on interpersonal problems all my adult life, but I feel that the Myndlift exercises are showing accelerated improvements.


I definitely felt an uptick in my mood using Myndlift while doing the performance enhancement training which definitely had an impact on my productivity at work.


Based on Neurofeedback


Using the Muse brain training headband that can sense your brain activity, Myndlift's exercises responds to the changes in your brainwave patterns and help in retraining them.

This is based on neurofeedback (or EEG biofeedback)  which has been studied extensively for over 50 years as an effective for training for multiple use cases.

Remote Expert Guidance

Myndlift allows your personal neurofeedback expert to create a neurofeedback training program just for you, and monitor your progress along the way to help you achieve results.

How to start

Choose the right option for you

$749 one-time fee

Brain Health


This is a good option if you're looking for more in-person clinical assessments and training methods along with the Myndlift program.

- Access to Myndlift's neurofeedback app and equipment

- Access to a variety of in-clinic brain assessments and therapy methods

- Access to in-person therapy 

Remote Neurofeedback


This is a good option if you do not have a Myndlift Provider in your area, or if you are looking for independent training without comprehensive clinical services.

- Access to Myndlift's neurofeedback app and equipment

- Access to online live sessions with an expert neurofeedback practitioner

-Experience top notch support

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