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4 ADHD YouTube Channels That Deserve Your Attention

✎ Written by: Dubravka Rebic ✓ Fact-checked by: Kaija Sander, Ph.D.

Despite the fact that 1 in 20 adults in the US are affected by ADHD, and mental health awareness regarding the condition is on the rise, the stigma around it still remains.

ADHD stigma can sound like someone saying things like, "You're just lazy" or "You need to try harder." These negative stereotypes about ADHD can be harmful and cause feelings of shame and self-doubt. Furthermore, they can make someone less prone to seek help and share their experience with others, making dealing with ADHD struggles feel all the more lonely.

However, even though finding a community and friends who can relate can be tough, there are now more YouTube channels than ever that can provide the support to manage ADHD symptoms and make the journey feel less lonely.

That's why we've rounded up the best YouTube channels that help thousands of people with ADHD feel motivated and part of a community as they work to stay organized and productive. From helpful tips on managing day-to-day life to understanding the ins and outs of ADHD, these four channels offer a great resource of knowledge:

  1. How to ADHD: Hosted by Jessica McCabe, How to ADHD destigmatizes ADHD and offers important insights into the condition as well as tips on how to cope with the symptoms.

  2. Dr. Tracey Marks: A forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Tracey Marks, shares actionable and science-based advice on overcoming ADHD-related challenges.

  3. Rick Wants To Know: With a pinch of humor, comedian Rick Green shares his own experience with ADHD and the knowledge he gathered through the years of living with it.

  4. ADHD Mastery: Hosted by content creator Stuart Anderson, ADHD Mastery offers tried-and-tested practical advice on how to cope with ADHD symptoms.

It’s important to note that the tools and learnings shared on these channels are in no way a replacement for professional help. Nonetheless, they can provide valuable insight to help make it through challenging times.

1. How to ADHD

After being diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 12, American actress and writer Jessica McCabe began researching ADHD but had trouble organizing all the information she learned. In her adulthood, she turned to YouTube, a platform she was already familiar with, to retain the material.

She decided to film all of her learnings, post them on YouTube, and share them with the world. Today, her channel, How to ADHD, has over a million subscribers. Through it, she's destigmatizing ADHD and even motivating others with the condition and their families to learn more about it.

Some of our favorite How to ADHD episodes are: